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1. Who is GigaSkills Training?

We are a private computer-training college and make use of qualified lecturers to teach you in a friendly, yet professional environment. We offer practical affordable courses preparing you for the working environment. Our courses are of the highest quality. Furthermore – if you compare our subject-list, you will see that we go the extra distance to ensure you get more than just the basics. We have been established since December 1996 in Secunda.

2. Where are you accredited?

We have been accredited by ISETT SETA (ACC /2010/08/We are an approved Testing and Training Centre for ICDL (Reg No ZA30404). The ICDL is administered in South Africa by the Computer Society of South Africa and accredited with the ISETT SETA. We are a Pastel Authorised Training Centre (Reg No ATCR92). All our exams are competency based as required by SAQA. For some courses it is recommended to pass the international exams to have proof of your knowledge.

3. Are you making use of lecturers to teach me?

Yes! Our lecturers have excellent communication skills with good knowledge and experience of the subjects. They take you step-by-step through the courseware, explaining everything as you go on.

4. What is the difference between a Diploma and an Advanced Certificate?

According to the law by the Department of Education, a Diploma may only be issued if the course duration is two or more years.


Must have a certain number of credits and must be taken over a 3-year period .

Advanced Certificate:

May have the same number of credits as obtained with a Diploma, but the duration of the course is shorter than two years.

5. What are the entry requirements of the courses?

Entry Requirements are listed next to each course. A proficiency in English is a requirement for ALL our courses.

6. How do I register for a course?

We are now open for registrations and the closing date for registrations is the starting date for the course as specified in the timetable. The sooner you register the better – we have small classes and they fill up quickly.

To register, you must bring:

  • Signed Registration form
  • Registration Fee of R950
  • A copy of your ID document
  • Two colour ID photo’s for your student card
  • Your latest school results
  • The person responsible for payment also needs to fill in forms and bring the necessary documentation such as 3 months payslips or bank statements or any other proof of income.

Our Administration office hours are as follow: Monday to Thursday: 08:00 till 17:00 Fridays: 09:00 till 15:30

7. What payment options are available?

Full payment of course fee upfront

You can pay the full course fee when registering for your course, which can be done at our offices with cash or cheque or can be deposited directly into our bank. The full course fee listed below includes the registration fee.

 Monthly payments with Cash

You can pay the course fee in cash or cheque at our offices. However, there will be a fee of R10 added to the monthly payment as with Debit Orders, for each payment done with cash or cheque. Please note, that if you miss a month’s payment, you will not be allowed to attend class or write exam until your course fees are fully paid up to date. In addition to the monthly payments, you will have to pay the R900, unless otherwise specified, registration fee when registering for a course.

Loan form Edu-Loan

You can get a loan from Edu-Loan at a 22.5% interest which are payable over 12 to 24 months. Forms are available at GigaSkills Training. The person responsible for payment must bring the following: an original payslip or certified copy of a payslip; certified copy of your ID document and a copy of a recent bank statement. GigaSkills Training will fax the documentation to Edu-Loan and approval will be done within 5 working days.

*Please take note: If you register for a course, you undertake to pay the full course fee, by the end of your course. If you do decide to stop attending the course, you will still be liable for the rest of the outstanding course fee.

8. How will I know what course to take?

GigaSkills Training specialises in IT (Information Technology) courses where computer subjects form the main part of your course. Almost all the careers nowadays expect from you to be familiar with computers. Therefore we place a lot of emphasis on practical computer training. If you want to choose the correct course for you, there are four things you have to consider:

  • Decide how much time you want to spend studying. Remember: Diploma courses have to take two years to complete, where Advanced Certificates have a shorter duration.
  • Look carefully at the entry requirements for each course. It is important that you adhere to these requirements.
  • If you want to study in the Evenings , make sure the course option is available.
  • Decide in which IT direction you want to go: we have a variety of Business and Secretarial courses for people who want to work in the various fields of business administration. Have a look at the first 10 courses on offer. We also have a few courses for people who are more interested in the technical side of the IT world where you not only learn how to work on the computers, but you also learn how to fix and setup computers.

9. Can I get credit for courses I have already completed?

Yes you can! Please bring in your results from previous courses, and we will gladly work out a new quotation for you.

10. When are the classes?

The options available are listed with each of the courses on the following pages. The timetables for the courses are available on request, but please note that it is subject to change. We don’t rush the duration of the courses – giving you enough time to study and practice. We also WORK the full duration of the class – we don’t waste your time.

Day classes: Usually 2-hourly classes spread through-out the day so that you can choose the time most suitable to you. See our timetable for available class times. All our courses are available as day-class options.

Evening classes: Only some of our courses are available as evening classes. You will see at the options which courses are available. Evening classes are 2-hourly classes in the evenings from 17:00 – 19:00. Please see the timetable for available classes.

11. Do I need to buy any books? Are the textbooks difficult to follow?

Students who are doing Small Business Management and Financial Management must buy Pastel Accounting and Pastel Payroll books.

Our course-ware is developed with visual aids in such a way that you can clearly see the steps necessary to complete a task. Our notes are also excellent reference guides for future use.

12. Do I need a computer at home?

No, we do a lot of practical work during classes and there is time to practice. Students are also encouraged to come in for extra practice sessions on Friday afternoons and Saturday mornings or whenever computers are available – free of charge.

13. How difficult is the exams?

You write an exam on completion of each subject. Most of the exams are practical and done on the computer. We prepare you for the exams by doing as much as possible practical work. You obviously have to study as well – and some exams are more difficult than others! All our exams are competency-based (as required by SAQA) – that means you are tested on skills acquired throughout the course, and if you can practically implement those skills in a working environment. If you fail an exam, you have to re-write until you pass! More about that in our rules.

14. What happens during class?

The lecturer explains the work to be done and goes step-by-step with you through every exercise. You get further practical experience by doing assignments, exercises, and hands-on projects. The duration of most of the classes is 2 hours. You really do a lot of work during those 2 hours, so it is important that you attend all the classes./

15. What if I have a question or don’t understand something?

Our classes are small (maximum of 15 students for computer classes) and you will be encouraged to ask questions. No questions are stupid questions. The lecturers also repeat the work until he/she is sure all the students understand the work – this is possible because we have small classes.

16. How will I gain experience and the know-how to use the computer in the real business world?

You will have to complete a practical project for each subject. This practical project is similar to "real-life" situations you encounter when having a job – ensuring you know how to use the programs once you start working. After each chapter there are additional exercises to make sure you understand the work. We at GigaSkills Training strongly believe in practical training.

17. What do I receive on completion of my course?

Once you have paid your full course price and passed all your exams, you will receive an accredited Diploma or Advanced Certificate from GigaSkills Training with a mark-sheet. We have a formal Ceremony three months after completion of the courses where both the Diplomas and the Advanced Certificates are awarded.

You will also get your Skills-portfolio where applicable. A Skills-portfolio is extra exercises done by you to demonstrate what you have learned in the course. These exercises are then bound or put on a CD. This Skills-portfolio can then be used during a job-interview, to show what you are capable of.

18. Do you help me find a job?

We help you compile a professional CV and assist you in job-hunting. After completing our courses you definitely improve your chances to get a job, because we cover each subject in detail. We also offer free Seminars to all our students about job interviews and compiling CV's.

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